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11 Oct 2020: New “Assessment CSV” Report

Another really useful report is available today. It is a “CSV” file that you can use in many flexible ways to help you with assessment reporting.

Here’s how to read the Assessments:

      • The number (1-8) is the assessment level. For EYFS: 1 = 0 – 11 months ; 2 = 8 – 20 months; 3 = 16 – 26 months; ; 4 = 22 – 36 months; 5 = 30 – 50 months; 6 = 40 – 60 months; 7 = ELGs; 8 = Exc
      • The text (Em/Dev/Exc) is the judgement within that level

This standardisation of the output lets you quickly and easily use this CSV data in any assessment reporting strategy that you have in your school.

Do you have any other ideas for our assessment? Please let us know by contacting

17 Sep 2020: New “Parent Engagement” Report

A brand new report is available from today. It shows a summary of all contact made with parents over a time period for a class. It’s an excellent way of measuring and proving parental engagement. It shows:

      • The total observations shared with each parent over a time period.
      • The responses that parents sent back.
      • Postcards of activities that parents have done at home and submitted to Evidence Me.

Look out for this report on the reports page:

11 Sep 2020: New Early Years Pilot Framework

The brand new early years 2020 pilot framework is now available to all users in Evidence Me. This is a really exciting new development based on the new 2020 Development Matters framework.

You will see the new framework in your mobile apps:

Add any frameworks to Evidence Me

Did you know you can add any extra frameworks you like to Evidence Me? Have a look in the Admin section, or drop us a line at if you’d like to know more.

9 September: Add Documents and Links

The last few months have been extremely challenging for all of us, especially when we need to send work home for learners.

Earlier this year we implemented the fantastic new Documents And Links feature to help with this. Now you can add web links and large document files to any of your observations.  These can be easily downloaded by learners and parents at home.

Learners and parents can upload documents too! Find out everything about this feature here.

13 July 2020: End of year admin just got a whole lot easier!

We are delighted to announce that today’s new release combines a number of fantastic new features to enable you to quickly and easily manage your end-of-year processing.

1. Copy Classes

You can quickly copy an entire class and all of its groups. This is a really simple way to start a new class for a new year.

2. Archive Classes

If you want to keep track of a group of learners, but they are not actually a teaching group any longer, then use the new archive feature. You will find it on the class edit page. Archived classes will be shown on the archived tab. Archived classes will no longer be visible in the mobile app, but they will be available for reporting.

3. The “All learners” Filter

This allows you to see and search through all learners in your school very quickly. Very handy for checking if the learner is hiding in a class or group that they shouldn’t be!

4. Drag & drop classes to re-order them

You can now specify the order of your classes to make them more easily selectable in filters and in the mobile app.

13 July 2020: New Fast Track features in Inspection Coach and Improvement Hub!

Also in this release are some new features to make creating improvement plan actions much easier.

1. Send to Word

When adding actions resulting from questionnaire responses, there is a new button that will allow you to immediately create a Word document.

This gives you a really useful head-start for creating a quick action plan.

2. Create New Task button

There is a new “Create New Task” button on the improvement Hub home page, to make adding new tasks much quicker.