Customising Evidence Me

Evidence Me can be set up and customised to suit your school/ setting! Please click on a heading below to find out more:

Customise the way you view frameworks

    • Deactivate frameworks that are not used so that they don’t appear on your app or websuite.
    • Reorder frameworks so that the ones you use most frequently appear at the top of the list.
    • Add and edit framework terms

Customise observation notes

    • Rename note fields
    • Add new note fields
    • Remove note fields

Customise observation objectives

    • Turn objectives for parent viewing on or off. Turning objectives on will allow parents to see all the objectives tagged to their child’s observations excluding the age bands.
    • Turn Next Steps Objectives on or off. Turning on Next Steps Objectives enables you to see this feature when creating observations.

Customise your learner report template

    • Download and edit templates (e.g. add your school logo, edit image sizes, change font size and style)
    • Upload custom templates

Customise Parent Share

    • Turn the Parent Share review process on or off. Turning on the review process allows you to check observations before sharing them with parents and manually release them at a particular time (e.g. at the end of each week).
    • Add and remove parent’s email addresses