PDF Reports for Parents

Parents Downloading Learner Observations

Parents can download and print a PDF of their child’s observation directly from the websuite by following the below steps:

    1. Logging on to their websuite
    2. Clicking Home
    3. Clicking the observation you would like to download/ print
    4. Clicking Print Observation Details in the top right-hand corner
    5. A green banner will appear in the top-right-hand corner for them to click to download the observation report

The Learner observation will download in the Standard PDF Parent Report Template that you have set on your account which they can open to save or print.

Sending PDF Learner Observations to Parents

You can also add a Learner Observation Report PDF link to a new observation (via the Documents and link area on the websuite), and then share this with the parents.

The parents can then click the link and download their report from within their account. This is a great way to share the end-of-year reports!

    1. Generate a Learners Observation report for a learner/ class from the “Reports” area
    2. Save the individual learner PDF report to your computer​ and title it for example “Aaron White – End of Year Report”
    3. Create a websuite observation for the learner You can attach an image to the observation such as the one displayed below (right-click to save) or your school logo:

    4. Attach the PDF document to the observation by clicking Upload file under the Documents and Links area
    5. Browse for the PDF document on your computer
    6. Click Upload
    7. Mark the observation for parent Share and share with the parent

When the parent receives the observation they will be able to click on the attached document and download the full PDF report to save or print.