Parent Share Notifications

Your observations are automatically checked for parent notes and parent submissions and an automatic tag is added to these observations such as:

    • Parent Notes – observations that parents have commented on
    • Parent Submission – observations that have been submitted by parents

How this feature works:

When filtering observations on the app or websuite you can apply the Parent Notes or Parent Submission tag under the Observation Tag filter to quickly view these observations:

Alternatively, to see a live update of parents commenting on observations you can use the Activity log that can be found on your Evidence Me websuite home page:


This activity log can be filtered by date, class, learner, etc, and will display if a parent has commented on an observation. You can then click on the word “Observation” as this is a hyperlink to directly open up the observation for you to view.


We also have a parent notification feature available that we can activate on your account upon request.

How this feature works:

    1. Teachers will be notified by email if a parent submits an observation for their class (i.e a class they are assigned to)
    2. Parents will be notified by email if a teacher adds notes to a parent observation

These email notifications will be sent out at 3 separate intervals throughout the day 9:00, 12:00, and 16:00, and will include links to the observations relevant to the email receiver between these time frames (this is to avoid teachers and parents being inundated with lots of separate emails throughout the day).

Please email if you would like this feature activated on your account.