Enter Judgements

From the Web Suite

    1. Tap Assessment on the main menu bar on the left-hand side
    2. Click the Create Filter button
    3. Edit your filter by selecting completing the relevant fields
    4. Choose whether you would like to activate the Assessment Assistant
    5. Click Apply


If you have applied the Assessment Assistant judgements will automatically appear based on the thresholds you have set.

    1. Click on the cells to make/ change individual judgements.
    2. Use the judgements table to make/ amend judgements by ticking in the box so that a blue dot appears
    3. Click Apply
    4. To save the assisted judgements click the Save Assisted Judgements button.

TOP TIP: It’s even quicker to do your assessment using the quick fill feature. You can quickly repeat the last judgement you have made by Right-Clicking in any judgement cell.

PLEASE NOTE: The quick fill feature only works when looking at 1 term period, for example, Autumn 1 2019 – Autumn 1 2019.

Print Judgements

    1. Click on the print icon in the top right-hand corner of the Assessment bar
    2. The following popup message will appear
    3. Once the report is ready the following popup message will appear
    4. Click to view the report
    5. The report will generate in a PDF document which you can save or print

From the App

You can also enter a learner’s Assessment Data directly from the app.

    1. Tap Profiles
    2. Tap on a class name 
    3. Tap on a learner’s name
    4. Under Assessment, tap Filters to filter the framework, level and assessment period
    5. Click Apply
    6. Manually enter/ amend judgements by clicking on an area/ sub-area/ objective from the framework
    7. Tap on an age band
    8. Tap on  a judgment within the table so that a blue dot appears
    9. Tap Apply