Framework Coverage & Progress

The Framework Coverage & Progress report shows how well learners are progressing through the framework objectives based on the objectives covered in their observations.

It shows the observation objective coverage of every category for every learner. It is designed to show how the learner is progressing through the objectives during the reporting period.

What’s it for?

It’s great for demonstrating pupil observation progress as it enables you to see:

    • The cumulative percentage of curriculum coverage for each learner through observation
    • What level of progress has been made between terms (dash, single arrow, double arrow)
      • dash = no progress during assessment period
      • single arrow = < 10% progress during assessment period
      • double arrow = >= 10% progress during assessment period
    • Where your learners are within the curriculum (colours)
      • Yellow = 0-32%
      • Amber = 33-94%
      • Green = 95-100%

Use this report to:

    • Demonstrate progress levels of your learners
    • Identify those who are making poor progress so that you can address this
    • Gain an overview of your coverage of the curriculum