Teach Next

The Teach Next report shows you which objectives currently have the least coverage for your learners based on their observations. It provides a quick way to see what you could be teaching next.

It is designed to suggest which objectives a teacher should focus on based on which have been covered least/not at all.  The objective is achieved if it is contained in at least one Learner’s Observation. If the objective is achieved by the learner then coverage for the objective = 100%, otherwise = 0%.

This report is based on objectives covered in observations not necessarily objectives that have been attained.

What’s it for?

This is ideal to help you:

    • Review what you should focus on next for the given cohort/learner
    • Assist with your lesson planning
    • Check your percentage of coverage for any part of the curriculum

Use this report to:

    • Help in your PPA time
    • Improve your lesson planning
    • Demonstrate to interested parties what you have still to cover