Video Support

Getting Started with Evidence Me

This video explains in detail the features and functionality of Evidence Me by 2Simple, including creating observations, creating profiles, and using reports.

Adding New Users

This video will help you easily set up new users on your Evidence Me Web Suite.

Adding Classes and Learners

A short video showing you how to add learners into Evidence Me and organise them into classes and groups. If you are switching from 2Build a Profile to Evidence Me your existing learners should move across automatically.


Installing the App and Creating App Observations

This video will show you how to quickly install the Evidence Me app and how to create app observations.

Creating Web Suite Observations

This video will show you how to create observations directly on your Evidence Me Web Suite.

Observation and Assessment

In this video, we look into Evidence Me and how it can be used for observation and assessment – see the impact!

Early Learning Goals Report

Learn how to use the Early Learning Goals progress report within on-the-go observation and assessment solution Evidence Me.

Family’s Here Feature

This video provides an introduction to our “Family’s Here” feature. This new update makes it easier for schools and parents at pick up time by enabling parents to notify the teacher when they have arrived.

Using Birth to 5 Matter

The Birth to 5 matters guidance provides practitioners with a different approach to managing their observations and assessments.

Setting up Frameworks

Evidence Me can be used to record observations and assess pupil progress in the EYFS and across the primary age range. Watch this video to find out how you can set up the frameworks you’d like to use.


An overview of the assessment system in Evidence Me. Watch this video to find out how you can track progress and generate learner profiles.


You can view all of our videos by visiting our Evidence Me  YouTube Channel and selecting the Evidence Me Playlist.