Parent Share

Welcome to Evidence MeParent Share!

Parent share is a great way for teachers and parents to share the learning of children in your school or setting!

The teacher has control over what is shared with parents and the parents can view observations or create their own, adding their own media and notes too! All parent observations will be waiting for you in the Parent Postcards area for you to review and edit as appropriate.

Key Features:

    1. Parents are set up on your account
    2. Parents receive an emailed invitation to activate their account
    3. Parents access their child’s account by downloading the Evidence Me App or logging in to the Web Suite
    4. Parents receive an email notification every time you select an observation for Parent Share prompting them to log in and view the observation
    5. Parents can take an active role in contributing to their child’s observation portfolio by uploading observations directly on to the App or Web Suite
    6. Parent Observations appear in the Parent Postcard area of your Web Suite allowing you to approve or reject them

Start sharing and receiving learning journeys now!

To let parents know about the Parent Share feature, you can download our Evidence Me – Parent Letter

Visit the pages below to get set up with Parent Share quickly and easily.