The Web Suite can generate a number of amazing reports, click below to find out more information regarding each individual report:

Coverage Reports

The following reports are based directly on the objectives that you have tagged into your observations.

Flightpath Report
Framework Coverage and Progress
Teach Next
Coverage Tracker

Observation Reports

The following reports are based on the observations that you and your learners’ families have made.

Learner Observations
Parent Contact Report
Next Steps Objectives Report
Class Status Report

Assessment Reports

The following reports are based on the individual assessment judgements that you have made in the assessment area.

Early Learning Goals Report
EYFS Cohort Assessment Report
EYFS Assessment Progress Report

PLEASE NOTE: When generating assessment reports please ensure to enter an end date that is after the assessment term end date.

For example, if the assessment term is Autumn 1 2020 which has an end date of 23/10/2020 you will need to ensure that you set the end date of the report you are generating to 24/10/2020 for the data to appear.

Generate a Report

    1. Click Reports on your Web Suite
    2. Click the report you wish to generate
    3. Complete Step 1: Setup filter by selecting your filter choices from the dropdown boxes (filters will vary between reports)

    1. Complete Step 2: Define Learners by clicking Add Learners and selecting filter choices from the dropdown boxes
    2. Complete Step 3: Click here to Create Report

A pop-up message will appear to say that your report is being generated and your report will appear in the View My Reports table below.

View a Report

    1. Click on the eye icon  next to the report you wish to view
    2. The report will automatically generate in a PDF document
    3. Right-click on your mouse to Save or Print the report