View Profiles

Click on profiles button on the media tray to quickly see your classes and learners.

Navigate through the classes and learners by selecting a class/ learner.

Learner Profile

From the learner Profile page, you can view a learner’s details such as:

    • Name, DOB & UPN Number
    • Tags
    • The number of observations completed in the current week
    • Assessment Data
    • Recent Observations

You can enter a learner’s Assessment Data directly from the app.

    1. Tap Profiles
    2. Tap on a class name 
    3. Tap on a learners name
    4. Under Assessment, tap Filters to filter the framework, level and assessment period
    5. Click Apply
    6. Manually enter/ amend judgements by clicking on an area/ sub-area/ objective from the framework
    7. Tap on an age band
    8. Tap on  a judgment within the table so that a blue dot appears
    9. Tap Apply