Family’s Here Feature

This innovative feature has been developed to further enhance the relationship between the school and parents.

In these uncertain times, we have frequently heard that parents picking up children and allowing parental access to school property is a difficult process to manage safely and effectively.

To help with this we have created the “Family’s Here” feature. This allows parents to use the mobile app to announce when they have arrived to pick up their child.

This can help the school ensure that the pickup process is managed safely and effectively.

How it works

The parent can use the new Learners tab in the app to notify the school that they have arrived

When the parent has tapped the Notify School I have arrived button. A message appears. The message can be customised by the school.

The class teacher or assistants will then see a summary of who has arrived, by looking on the Profiles tab in their apps:

This allows teaching staff to manage the release of children in a safe and controlled way, meeting any specific safety needs set out by the school.

How to activate this feature on your account

An administrator can activate this feature as follows:

    1. Log into the Evidence Me Web Suite using your Admin user details
    2. Click on the menu icon  in the top left-hand corner
    3. Click Admin
    4. Click Settings
    5. Click Parent Arrival
    6. Click the edit icon in the top right-hand corner
    7. Tick Enable and edit the Text
    8. Click Save