Edit Observations

Edit Observation

    1. Tap an observation to edit it
    2. Click to amend the date and time (if required)
    3. Tap on an observation image/ video to delete it
    4. Tap on one of the icons below the image to upload more evidence
    5. Tap Edit on the Learners bar to edit or delete learners
    6. Tap See all Notes on the Notes bar to edit or delete notes
    7. Tap Add on the Objectives bar to edit or delete objectives
    8. Use of the below options to find objectives:
      • Use the dropdown filters (Framework, Category, Level)
      • Use the search bar to type in a word or sentence
      • Tap Suggestions – the app will suggest objectives which match the notes you have entered for this observation
    9. Tap on objectives so that a blue tick appears on the right-hand side to add it to the observation
    10. Tap Back (there is no need to click save as all observation data is auto-saved)
    11. Tap Add  on the Next Steps Objectives bar to edit or delete next steps objectives
    12. Use the More feature to set your observation as a Draft
    13. Select observation for Parent Share – please note once you have selected an observation for Parent Share the observation will be shared with parents within the next few minutes

Observations will automatically be uploaded to your Web Suite as long as your device is connected to wifi. This is indicated by a green dot appearing in the top left-hand corner of the observation thumbnail.

Observations with a red dot in the top left-hand corner have not yet been uploaded and will upload as soon as your device is connected to a good wifi connection.