App Settings

Access the app settings by tapping on the Settings Cog in the bottom right-hand corner.

    1. Log out – Tap to log out of the app
    2. Switch User – Tap to switch to another user on your account
    3. Pin Code – Tap to enable and disable your PIN
    4. Enable Crop Screen – This allows you to crop photos which are taken through the app as they are captured
    5. Enable Left-handed use – This allows you to switch the layout of the viewfinder page so that buttons appear on the left-hand side
    6. Auto Suggest Learners from Notes:
      • Always Suggest – The app will automatically tag learners base on your notes
      • Require Confirmation: The app will require you to confirm the auto suggested learners based on your notes
      • Off – The app will not automatically suggest learners based on your notes
    7. Device Name – Tap to change the name of your device to make it easily identifiable, for example, nursery, reception, etc
    8. Data and Storage:
      • Export Local DB –  Tap to send all the data and log from your app to support
      • Local DB size – Displays the local DB size currently stored on your app
      • Media Files Size – Displays the media file size currently stored on your app
      • Auto Remove Observations and Media Files from the device – Tap to change the day ratio
    9. Get Latest Updates – Tap to update the data in your app such as classes, learners objectives
    10. Application Info – This displays the App version and Installation id