Exporting Data

You can export data from Evidence Me via the reports area of the websuite using the corresponding reports depending on the data you wish to download.

The key reports used to export data are:

    • Learner Observation Report – this report contains all learner observation data
    • Evidence Me Parent Contact Report – this report contains all data relating to parent contact
    • Learner List (CSV) – This report contains all learner’s data (full names, DOBs, UPNs, etc)
    • Assessment Progress Report – This report contains all the learner’s assessment data

Please follow the below steps to generate a report:

      1. Click Reports on your Web Suite
      2. Click the report you wish to generate

      3. Complete Step 1: Setup filter by selecting your filter choices from the dropdown boxes (filters will vary between reports)
      4. Complete Step 2: Define Learners by clicking Add Learners and selecting filter choices from the dropdown boxes
      5. Complete Step 3: Click here to Create a Report

A pop-up message will appear to say that your report is being generated and your report will appear in the View My Reports table below.

View a Report

    1. Click on the eye icon next to the report you wish to view
    2. The report will automatically generate a PDF document
    3. Right-click on your mouse to Save or Print the report