Baseline Assessment

Please follow the below steps to add baseline assessment data to your Evidence Me account:

    1. Log into the Evidence me websuite as an administrator
    2. Click the menu icon in the top left-hand corner
    3. Click Administration (please note only admin users can see that Administration area)
    4. Click on the plus icon next to Modules
    5. Click Frameworks
    6. Click the framework you would like to add a baseline for so that it is highlighted in blue
    7. Click on the edit icon on the frameworks bar
    8. Click the Add button next to Assessment Periods
    9. Name the term date, for example, Baseline
    10. Set the assessment date before your current academic year start date, for example, 1st August 2020
    11. Click Save

This “baseline” term date will now appear on the assessment area of the web suite to allow you to input baseline information.

When selecting your assessment filters ensure to select your baseline period as your start and end date (shown below).

​You can now add your baseline judgements