User Accounts

Add User Accounts

PLEASE NOTE: Only Admin Users can set up new users.

    1. Log into the Evidence Me Web Suite using your Admin user details
    2. Click on the menu icon  in the top left-hand corner
    3. Click Admin
    4. Click on your organisation name so that it highlights in blue
    5. Click the  icon under organisation users
      • PLEASE NOTE: If nothing happens when you click on the plus icon this indicates that you have not followed step 4
    6. Enter the user’s email address
    7. Enter the users first and last name
    8. You can type the user’s display name in manually however you can leave this blank and it will automatically display as the user’s full name
    9. Leave the Password fields empty
    10. Select the User Type (you can add more than one user type for example Organisation Admin & Organisation Staff)
      • Organisation Admin – only able to access the Administration area
      • Organisation Staff – only able to access Evidence Me
    11. Leave the Activate Account box unticked
    12. Click Create

A welcome email will automatically be sent to the user to set up their own password and activate their account (please note this email is only valid for 30 days before it expires).

Click here to watch our help video on how to add new users.

Assign Users to a class

When Using the mobile app the user will only be able to add learners and view learner profiles from the classes that they are assigned to. Therefore, when you add a new user you must assign them to the classes that they need to have access to. Follow the steps below to add a user to the classes that they need access to:

    1. Log in to your websuite
    2. Click Learners
    3. Select a class so that it highlights in blue
    4. Click on the edit icon  along the Classes bar
    5. Next to Teachers check the teachers who need to be able to access this class
    6. Click Save changes