My Gallery

Welcome to My Gallery

Welcome to the new and exciting My Gallery module a fantastic new way to view, print, and download all of your favourite Evidence Me media:

    • Download or print selected media (click to select)
    • Play/download videos using the on-screen player
    • Create a slideshow – a simple way to show pictures in class, assembly, parent’s evening, etc
    • Use the drop-down filters to view classes, individuals, and date ranges
    • Exclude observations with specific tags

NOTE: Staff users will be able to see everything, parents will see only their child’s data that has been marked for Parent Share

To access the My Gallery module click on the menu icon in the top left-hand corner (3 blue lines) and select My Gallery. The Gallery appears as a separate module on your account:


    • View media for the whole class: In the class/learner drop-down, the first entry for each class shows the whole class i.e. “Reception – All”.
    • View media for date range & media tally: You can view media for any month with a media count for each month shown.
    • Exclusion of observations with certain tags: Observations with the tags “news”, “info”, “fyi” assigned to them will be excluded from the gallery. Please view our Creating Tags help page to find out more about how to add observation tags.
    • Double-click a photo to view its full observation: Useful for finding out more information about the photo.