Select a Report

    1. Click Reports on your Web Suite
    2. Click the report you wish to generate

Generate a Report

    1. Complete Step 1: Setup filter by selecting your filter choices from the dropdown boxes (filters will vary between reports)
    2. Complete Step 2: Define Learners by clicking Add Learners and selecting filter choices from the dropdown boxes
    3. Complete Step 3: Click here to Create Report

A pop-up message will appear to say that your report is being generated and your report will appear in the View My Reports table below.

View a Report

    1. Click on the eye icon  next to the report you wish to view
    2. The report will automatically generate in a PDF document
    3. Right-click on your mouse to Save or Print the report

Report Types

The Web Suite can generate a number of amazing reports, click below to find out more information regarding each individual report:

Flightpath Report
Framework Coverage and Progress
Teach Next
Learner Observations
Coverage Tracker
EYFS Cohort Assessment Report
EYFS Assessment Progress Report