Filters & Notifications

A filter is a way of drilling-down into your SIP so that you only view the exact information that you want to see.

This page is split into two sections:

    • Default system Filters. These are the filters that are set up for when you first log in to the system. It is possible to hide these filters or create your own filters based on them.
    • My Filters. This is where the filter that you have created will appear. Filters can be created from scratch, or copied from the “Default System Filters” section.

Copying existing filters

If you want a filter that works the same way as the default filters then you can copy them by:

    1. Click on any one of the default Filters so that it highlights in blue
    2. Click the Copy icon Copy Button on Default system filters toolbar
    3. Change the name and any other relevant information for your new filter
    4. Click Copy

Copying a filter

Creating a new filter

    1. Click on the  icon on the My Filters toolbar
    2. Fill out the criteria on the Add New Filter form
    3. Click Save

Add New Filter (Shadow)