Configure Plan

You can customise the School Improvement Plan, to fit in exactly with the strategic needs of your particular setting.

The Configure Plan area allows you design the SIP to fit your exact needs.

Adding a New Plan Column

    1. Click Configure Plan on the main menu
    2. Click the  icon on the Configure Plan Columns toolbar
    3. Enter the Column Name
    4. Select the Type from the drop-down menu
    5. Click Create

TOP TIP: You can edit your plan column by clicking the edit icon on the Configure Plan Columns toolbar.

Moving Plan Columns

You can change the order of your plan by dragging and dropping Column names into the potion that you want it to be in, on your school improvement plan.

TOP TIP: It may be possible to import your school’s current Improvement plan. Please send it across to 2Eskimos Support and we will set this up for you.