Complete your Self-Evaluation

Please follow the below steps to complete your Self- Evaluation on the Head Teachers Dashboard.

    1. From your Head Teachers Dashboard decide on an area that you would like to evaluate and click on a sub-area to start your evaluation.

2. Read through the statements and tick the box against the judgement which best matches your school.

TOP TIP: To help you make this decision you can watch a helpful video by our Inspection Team in the top right-hand corner.

3. Once you have chosen your judgement click on the Prove It button on the right-hand side.

4. Work through the questions and place a tick in the box if you believe the statement(s) to be true for your school.

If your school doesn’t meet a statement, leave the box unticked. You can then add this to your School Improvement Plan by clicking the Add to SIP button.

The system will then generate a prepopulated action that you can edit/ amend before adding this to your SIP by clicking Create.

Top Tip: You can add a statement to your SIP more than once by clicking Already added to SIP – Add another

If there are questions that you don’t believe to be appropriate for your school please tick Question does not apply and it will not be included when assessing your judgement.

5. Add any notes to each question by clicking on the Note icon at the top of the page.

6. Attach any documents/ videos/ photos to back up your judgements by clicking on the Upload File icon.

7. Work your way through each of the questions and statements by using the chevron at the top of the page

TOP TIP: All your answers will be automatically saved so you can always come back and complete the rest of the questions/ statements at a later date.

8. When you have completed all of the questions and statements click Check Results in the top right-hand corner.

9. Your score will display based on how many of the statements you have selected and the system will then agree or disagree with your judgement and advise if you should try the level up/ down.