Help for Parents!

Parental Engagement Made Simple

Parent Share is a feature accessed by teachers via 2Build a Profile. It offers a quick, simple and effective way of proving “parental engagement” in the learning process.

How Parent Share Works

    1. Once a school has linked your email address to your child’s account, you will be sent a Parent Share invitation.
    2. If you would like to participate, click on the link to activate and confirm your email address.
    3. The school can now start to email your child’s reports directly to your email account.

All reports will be sent to you via email as an attachment, so there’s no need to worry about how to access your child’s reports!

If you haven’t received a report for your child, don’t worry it may be that the school hasn’t sent these reports out yet. Please contact the school directly and they will be able to give you more information about this!


How do I log into my child’s account?

With 2Build a Profile Parent Share you do not receive login details to access your child’s account. The school will email you your child’s reports directly to your email inbox.

The school has sent the reports, I haven’t received them?

The most common reason why emails are not received is that they are blocked by the receiving email system, please check your spam/ junk folder. We are certified with Microsoft so emails should be allowed through. However, you can also mark emails from 2Build a Profile as “Trusted” to ensure that they are not being blocked.

Please find below instructions on how to allow emails from the 2Build a Profile reports address through the Hotmail service (follow a similar process for other major email services).

    1. Login to your Hotmail email account online
    2. Select “Options” from the settings menu
    3. Click on “Safe and blocked senders” under the “Preventing junk emails” heading
    4. Click on “Safe senders”
    5. Add

…in the box under “Sender or domain to mark as safe:”

Click on the “Add to list” button – you will now see in the “Safe senders and domains:” list

How do I send an observation into my child’s profile?

You can send in observations by following one of the below steps:

1. Reply to the standard PDF Learning Journey that has been emailed to you by the school. You simply attach an image or video, add any notes into the body of the email and hit send!

2. Alternatively, you can email directly with the observation. As your email address has been linked up, the observation will automatically be allocated to your child. (In the case where more than one learner is associated with an email, the email should contain the full name of the child in the subject.)

As long as the email goes successfully into your Sent box, the observation will be processed!