View & Edit Observations

The new Observations feature allows you to edit any of your observations on the Websuite rather than on your device. All observations from all devices can be edited here.

1 – Select a class or a child from the drop-down menu. If you want to look at earlier observations select a different month from the drop-down menu (you can go back as far as January 2014).

2- Click on the observation that you want to edit. Any changes that you make will be automatically stored in the child’s records and sent back to the device the observation was taken on.
3- You can also add & remove children or objectives too.
TOP TIP – If you can’t find an observation you might find it in the last section of the classes menu “All experiences not allocated to a class or learner”. All you need to do next is assign a child to the observation then it will appear with the rest of the observations.