Pupil Portfolios

The pupil portfolios can be generated and printed from the websuite, and produces a document containing all observations for a particular child/class for a certain date range.

This report is great for creating children’s learning journeys, and you can also edit the template for this report to suit your school. This can include:

    • One observation per page
    • 3 observations per page
    • Add your school logo, and more!

For more information on how to edit templates click HERE

To generate a pupil portfolio report…

    1. Log into the websuite (www.2buildaprofile.com) and go to ‘pupil portfolios’
    2. Select a child or the whole class
    3. Select the appropriate dates from the calendars (make sure you click on a specific date so that it is highlighted)
    4. You will see the ‘estimated size’ and number of observations at the bottom right of the screen
    5. Select a template from the drop-down list
    6. Click ‘submit’

The report should automatically open on your device/PC in word or PDF.