Fire Tablet Installation

To install the 2Build a Profile app on a Kindle Fire device, please follow the below instructions:

    1. Download “Es file explorer” from the Amazon App Store
    2. Go into Settings on your device
    3. In Security tick the box that says “Unknown Sources” – this just is making sure that you are allowing access from third parties
    4. Download the installation file – go to
    5. Open Es File Explorer and tap the Menu icon in the top left corner
    6. Tap “Local” and press “Download”
    7. Tap on the 2Simple_v1.13apk file
    8. Choose package installer to install the App

Once installed please:

    1. Open the app
    2. Tap on the cogwheel to open settings
    3. Add you login details and tap login – you should see a success message
    4. Set “Use multiple devices” ON
    5. Set “Use as master device” OFF
    6. Tap on the back button
    7. Tap on the top of the post-it note to open classes and learners
    8. Tap on Refresh and say “Yes” to the message
    9. Tap on Show all Experiences for <class name>

That’s it. You’re ready to go!