Welcome to the Assessment Module!

The Assessment module allows you to record your judgements of your learners each half term so you can clearly demonstrate what level your learners are working at.

Key features:

    • Simple one-click to set levels for your learners
    • Print your assessments as PDF
    • Evidence count indicator to assist your judgements
    • Assessment Assistant (optional) will set assessment levels based on rules that you set yourself
    • Import your baseline data or create your own! (when available from baseline providers)

How does Assessment work?

The Assessment area allows you to review and make judgements as to how your learners are performing. You can use the Assistant feature which will suggest where learners are, based on your observations. You can moderate and tweak these judgements or make your own by clicking on the relevant cell or heading.

Quick Guide to create your Assessments

Follow this quick guide to create your Assessments. View the rest of this guide for more detail on settings how Assessment works.

    1. Log in to the Web Suite and go to the Assessment menu
    2. Click Assessment setup and select set your options then click Save Changes (Note: only relevant if you are using the Assessment Assistant)
    3. Click on Enter Judgments
    4. Select your Group, Assessment and any other filters and click Submit
    5. Step through the assessment levels on your sheet by clicking on the appropriate cell
    6. Click on the heading in the first column to change step through the assessments for the whole row

NOTE! If you have the Assessment Assistant switched on assessment levels will be suggested based on the thresholds you have set in the Assessment Settings.

TOP TIP:  Hover over each assessment cell to see if the assessment level has been set by the assistant.