App Setup

Download class lists

Once you have installed the app (see Installation):

    • Start the app and tap on the settings icon in the bottom left-hand corner
    • Enter your 2Build a Profile username and password
    • Click “Login”
    • You will be asked if you want to download the learners from the web suite
    • Click “Yes”
    • If you are not prompted to do this please click ‘back’ then on the top of the post-it note to go to the classes and learners page and click ‘refresh’ in the bottom left corner
    • Now you’re ready to go!

If you already have your class(es) set up on your device you must transfer them to the master register on the Web Suite from your device. To do this:

    • Go to settings
    • Make sure:
    • “Use multiple devices” is ON
    • “Use as Master Device” is ON
    • Tap on “Synchronise Learners” and tap on OK when you see the warning message
    • Set “Use as master device” OFF

Your classes from your device will now be on the master register on the Web Management Suite.

Follow these 3 easy steps below to start capturing your observations!
    • Once you have tapped on Finished your observations will be automatically* uploaded to the Web Management Suite where it is stored securely and collated for you.
    • The green dot indicates that the observation has been uploaded successfully!

TOP TIP! – long tap on the camera on Apple devices if you want to use a photo from your gallery or continue without a photo (requires v1.10 onwards).

For android users, tap on the camera then tap ‘cancel’. You can then continue without a photo or use one from the device gallery.

*WiFi is required for the observation to be automatically uploaded. For troubleshooting automatic uploading of observations see FAQ Why aren’t my observations uploading?