Create an Observation

Capture your evidence 

For each observation, you can add photographic evidence. This could be an activity or a piece of work. You can include:

    • A photo taken at that moment through the app
    • An existing photo from your camera roll/gallery
    • Multiple photos
    • Continue with no photo required

To start an observation just tap on the camera icon inside the app.

NOTE: Before starting an observation, make sure the correct class or learner is on the post-it note

1. Take a photo in the app
    • Tap the central button to take a photo then tap on Use (Andriod Save)
2. Use a photo from your camera roll/gallery
    • Tap Cancel (Android Back)
    • Select Choose from gallery
    • Select the image that you would like to use
3. Include multiple photos
    • Tap the central button to take a photo then tap on Use (Android Save)
    • Tap on the photo in the top right-hand corner next to the post-it note
    • Tap on Multi-photo in the top right
4. Continue without a photo
    • Tap on the Cancel (Android Back) button
    • Select the continue without photo image source

TOP TIP! Long tap on the camera lens to continue without a photo or select from gallery (v1.10)