Upgrading to Evidence Me

What is Evidence Me?

Formerly 2Build a Profile, our new assessment app Evidence Me has been launched it has been designed with teachers to help teachers; with new features tailored to your needs.

Existing 2Build a Profile customers can upgrade to the new Evidence Me app and web suite for FREE.

How do I upgrade?

An upgrade link will appear on your 2Build a Profile web suite which you will need to click to start the upgrade process.

I can’t see the “Upgrade to Evidence Me” link

If you would like to upgrade and don’t yet see the upgrade banner please contact us.

What happens when I switch to Evidence Me from 2BAP?

When you click the “Upgrade to Evidence Me”, the following will happen.

        • Your administrator will receive an email explaining what is happening and explaining how to log in to Evidence Me.
        • Your administrator will then set up user accounts for all users. 
        • All users will receive a setup email explaining how to log in and set up a password
        • You can install the new Evidence Me mobile app and access the new Evidence Me web suite.
        • Your existing 2BAP mobile app and web suite will be available for a further 30 days, to give you time to sort out and upgrade your devices. After this time, your school will be completely switched to Evidence Me. 

Will my 2BAP data be available in Evidence Me?

Yes. Virtually everything from 2BAP will be transferred automatically across to Evidence Me. This includes Classes, Groups, LearnersParents, and Observations.

What will I have to do to complete the transition to Evidence Me?

      • New feature – individual user accounts. For maximum security, you should set up individual user accounts for all of your school’s users. You should not use the logins from 2BAP.  Click here to read the help on setting up new users.
      • Customised observation templates. If you have customised your template (adding your logo, or other changes), then you will need to also do this in Evidence Me. Click here to find out how.
      • Assessments. If you want your historical manual assessments from last year transferred to Evidence Me, then please mail us to let us know. We will work with you to work out the best way to do this.

Will my custom frameworks be available in Evidence Me?

Yes, they will be soon. We are working hard to convert and transfer all of these custom frameworks to Evidence Me.

If you have custom frameworks we can transfer these over to your Evidence Me account upon request by emailing support@evidence.me (this will take 4-5 working days).

What happens to my 2BAP account after I have upgraded to Evidence Me?

Your 2BAP account will remain available until you have fully transitioned over to Evidence Me. After that time, your 2BAP account will be deactivated.