Send Observations to Parents

PLEASE NOTE: If you have the Parent Share review process switched OFF observations will be instantly shared with parents at the point they are marked for Parent Share.

If you have the Parent Share review process switched ON you will need to manually release observations to parents once they have been marked for Parent Share by following the below instructions:

    1. Log on to the web suite
    2. Click Parent Share
    3. Click Observations for release
    4. Select the Class
    5. Click All learners or an individual learner
    6. Click Release Observations

Parent Notifications

The system will automatically notify parents as soon as observations have been sent.

Example email notification:

Subject: Evidence Me: Observation available – Joe Smith (St Mary’s School)

A new observation is available for Joe Smith (St Mary’s School). Please click here to view.

Regards, The Evidence Me Team

The parent(s) can then click on the link within the email which will automatically open the observation within their Evidence Me app.