New School Year Procedure

At the beginning of your school year, you will need to update your classes and upload your new learners. Just follow this simple process to make sure you’re ready for the new academic year!

We recommend that you create your new class structure by renaming existing classes when possible (e.g. Rename Nursery to Reception) to avoid duplicating learners on your account.

Updating Classes

    1. Login to the Evidence Me Web Suite
    2. Click Learner Portfolios
    3. Update your classes by renaming existing classes where possible (e.g. Nursery to Reception). To do this select the class and click on the Edit button, rename and save changes.
    4. Move or add learners as appropriate – drag and drop learner names into their new classes, you can do this for each individual child or Select All

You can move learners between classes and copy learners into different groups so they appear in multiple areas.

Please follow the below instructions:

    1. Select your class
    2. Select your learner
    3. Click and hold on the blue tab next to the learner’s name blue-tab
    4. Drag and drop the learner into the class
    5. A message will appear asking whether you would like to Copy or Move the learnercopy-or-move-message-border


    • Select Copy the learner and all their data will stay in the current class but also appear in the class you have copied them to (this can be done for multiple classes).
    • Select Move– the learner and all their data will move to the selected class and no longer appear in the current class.


Creating New Classes

    1. Click on Learners Portfolios
    2. Click the plus icon under Classes addclass
    3.  Enter the class name and click Create

Bulk Upload Learners to the Web Suite

PLEASE NOTE: Only Admin Users can upload classes and learners using CTF or CSV files.

CSV File

Copy and paste learners details into an Excel document (edit an Excel document you already have) in the following format


Click the Excel icon below to download CSV class template.excel

Save the file on your computer as a ‘CSV (comma delimited)’ file.

TOP TIP: We recommend that you create a separate CSV file for each class and upload them individually. When uploading a CSV file all the data is assigned to an ‘unallocated class’. By uploading the data separately this allows you to ‘select all’ and move the learners in bulk to the correct class. If all class lists are uploaded using one CSV file each learner will have to be individually moved to the correct class. (5)

To upload your CSV file to your Evidence Me account, please follow the instructions below:

      1. Log into the Evidence Me Web Suite
      2. Click Learners
      3. Click Unassigned Learners
      4. Click Upload Learners
      5. Click Browse
      6. Select your ‘CTF‘ or ‘CSV‘ file
      7. Click Uploadezgif-com-resize-1
    1. Drag and drop the learners into the correct class using the blue tab blue-tab

TOP TIP: To move all of your uploaded learners into the same class please click Select All to drag and drop them in one

Adding Individual Learners

    1. Select your class in the Learners Portfolios area
    2. Click on the plus icon in the Learners section
    3. Complete your learner’s details and click Create