New School Year Procedure

At the beginning of your school year, you will need to update your classes and upload your new learners. Just follow this simple process to make sure you’re ready for the new academic year!

Updating Classes

    1. Login to the Evidence Me Web Suite
    2. Click Learner Portfolios
    3. Update your classes by renaming existing classes where possible (e.g. Nursery to Reception). To do this select the class and click on the Edit button, rename and save changes.
    4. Move or add learners as appropriate – drag and drop learner names into their new classes, you can do this for each individual child or Select All

Creating New Classes

    1. Click on Learners Portfolios
    2. Click the plus icon under Classes addclass
    3.  Enter the class name and click Create

Adding Learners

    1. Select your class in the Learners Portfolios area
    2. Click on the plus icon in the Learners section
    3. Complete your learner’s details and click Create